Rihanna x Breezy x Minaj x Drizzy
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Yeah Chris is more an ass guy. Which is funny... But anyway. He likes to be danced on and grab asses. Lol. Drake is all about da booty. That's not even a question. Rih better hit up them squats. She was thick af when they were talking in 2010/11, I bet he lowkey wants that back. Lmao.

I know his ass got a plan.. That’s why he stay taking her to restaurants. You ain’t low Drake

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if aubrih can rise from the dead den so can sora lmaooooooo


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Last night @ Supperclub. (4/22)

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Nicki Minaj attempts to strangle Mariah Carey.

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Damn Chris might be in jail for his birthday and album realease day :(

So messed up! I hope a change is made on May 1st ‘cause he’s missed all holidays so far.. Don’t tell me he’ll be turning 25 in a jail cell! I would love if they gave him the ability to celebrate hours outside the jail then come back.. That would be cool

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I mean. You can't really blame people for liking nicki more that she's like this. Tbh, I like her more now too. I just felt like most of the shit she did before this was fake. I still liked her music, but I just love this whole look that she's going for now. It looks so good on her.

I think she used the costumes as a tool to get her and her music more out there.. Come to think about it, it was very smart of her. Nowadays, you can have the talent and the music but image is really important. You have to leave a mark on people and she certainly did. Her crazy, colorful wigs and costumes.. I remember her chicken wing and ice cream cone necklaces, ah. xD But now that she’s at an established and comfortable spot in her career, she doesn’t have to do that anymore. I always felt she was a beautiful woman regardless of what she had on.. I notice people are taking her more seriously now though and considering her to be one of the baddest in the game (which she’s always been).

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